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From our Account Manager

"Our ability to work together is our greatest strength. Day in and day out the Bay Area Custom Shirt team shows that

teamwork, a positive attitude, and constant communication guide us to provide the best service to our clients. We hope you can join our team and continue to grow with us."

-Daniel Soria 

Account Manager 

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About Bay Area Custom Shirts 

Established in 2004.

Bay Area Custom Shirts, Inc. opened for business in Redwood City, CA in 2004 with one focus: wowing our customers with great products and even greater customer service. We're a team of decorating and marketing experts who are here not just to give you the product you need, but to give you the support and help to find the perfect product that matches your goals and your budget. You can place your order with confidence knowing that it will be completed on time, accurately, and with the same high standards for quality, we've become known for.

Our Values 

Our ultimate goal at Bay Area Custom Shirts is to empower businesses through their uniforms. We love to see our team members and clients with a smile on their faces and make everyone's jobs as seamless as possible. By working together, there will be no doubt that the job will get completed. 

Our 6 Core Values: 

  • Commitment to customers 

  • Quality 

  • Teamwork 

  • Continuous learning 

Why Should I Work Here? 

Not only will you be working with a hard-working group of sales representatives but you will learn an abundance of skills such as product knowledge, communication skills, active listening skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, rapport-building skills, time-management skills, prospecting skills, and learning how to close deals. 

We will do our part to build your knowledge to the highest degree we can. 

Job Positions at Bay Area Custom Shirts 

Sales Representative:

  • ​We’re looking for a driven Sales Representative with excellent interpersonal skills to actively seek out and engage customer prospects.

  • ​You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost revenue growth, customer acquisition levels, and profitability.