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Screen Printing 
What is it?
An imprinting method in which the image is transferred to the fabric. Ink is squeegeed through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame and then cured in a dryer. 
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Helpful Tips
  • It isn’t possible to screen print in all desired locations unless you have the proper equipment. Logo size is a critical consideration when choosing the location.
  • Not all products can be screen printed due to heat sensitive components in the product. Consult first with your decorator.
  • Not all 100% cotton products or colors can be discharged (including pigment dyed, neons and white).
  • Smooth out fabrics with a high fiber and soft hand before drying to avoid it having a rough spike-like feel.
  • Some highly fibrous fabrics require a matte finish base layer first. Consult with your decorator about the best process for you to use.
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Watch our specialized experts run through the process of screen printing!

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