Screen Printing


Screen Print is the best way to design large quantities of items such as: t-shirts, polo's, sweatshirts, bags, aprons, give-away's, and much more. The ink used for screen printing is incredibly durable which allows us to print on various items, regardless of their color.


Looking for high-end design? Embroidery is the best option. We have a variety of thread colors and fonts to offer. Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count and size. We offer a flat rate for artwork smaller than 4" x 4" and no re-order fees for the same artwork.

Vinyl Decal's


Starting a new business or organization? Let us help you get started by providing you with quality vinyl decals, perfect for glass windows or car body's. Prices vary depending on size and number of colors.

Additional Services



Looking for a great way to bring attention to a new location? Allow your business or event to stand out with a custom sign. Pick from our variety of sign styles and colors! Price's vary from size and amount of colors.

Heat Press/Transfer


Getting ready for the big game? Create your ideal team uniforms and stand out from the rest. Heat Press/Transfer is an economical way to display team numbers & names on apparel. Prices vary on amount of numbers and names.

Digital Print
Have a picture that you like so much that you could wear it all day? Digital Print is an easy way to directly print your favorite photos or detailed design's instantly on any white garments at a low-cost! 
Stationary / Promotional Items
Are you trying to promote your business or event without having to pay constant marketing fees? We provide stationary on a wide variety of products!